Monthly Archive: November 2014

Baked Garlic Parmesan Squash Fritters


Zucc1It’s officially cold outside, even down here in Texas. The scarves and boots are in full swing around here. But I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer! Some of my favorite summer vegetables are the zucchini, and its cousin, the yellow squash. Their bright colors and light, fresh flavors are symbolic of the hot months, green grass, and birds chirping outside. I’m already missing all of those things and it’s not even officially winter. I might not be able to change the weather, but I can pretend a little bit longer by making some summer-y dishes. (more…)

Enjoy Thanksgiving Without Wrecking Your Progress

It’s that time of year again when everything is pumpkin flavored and the sun goes down at 5pm. I guess that means my favorite holiday is coming up, Thanksgiving! I think I like Thanksgiving even more than Christmas because you don’t have to break the bank buying gifts for everyone you know, but you still get to see everyone and EAT! Who doesn’t love cranberry-smothered turkey and some nice conversation? Football and naptime? Leftover turk-cran-stuff-gravy sandwiches?


So what’s a fit person like yourself to do when faced with a whole table full of delicious, fattening, wonderful, unhealthy foods? Some might say, “It’s only one day a year, indulge!”. But this is a dangerous mindset. After all, Thanksgiving is only one day, but so is Halloween, your birthday, Christmas, Easter, your anniversary, and all the other big food-related days of the year. A quick google search informed me that the average American consumes 4,500 calories at Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t be a statistic! (more…)

BCAA Gelatin Squares


Wiggly, gelatinous perfection. Ever think that was a thing? Well this is that thing. BCAA powder and gelatin powder combine for a one-two punch: 1 serving is 35 calories, 2g carbs, 6g protein, with over 14 amino acids, caffeine, and green tea extract. This is the ultimate pre-workout snack to power your muscles through an intense workout AND it tastes like candy. (more…)

Tiger Eye Bowl


My love of sushi is recent, but has quickly become my first choice for cheat meals, even surpassing my beloved buffalo chicken strips with ranch dressing… I always thought I didn’t like sushi because the few times I had tried it, they were rolls I don’t particularly care for (still). But I’m glad I gave it another chance because now I know there are hundreds of types of sushi rolls, many of which are AMAZING. I admit, I’m not an authentic sushi aficionado, and the rolls I prefer are probably very Americanized, much like American Chinese food. But I’m not ashamed of that! (more…)