Monthly Archive: February 2015

Dark Chocolate Orange Oatmeal

oatmeal1It’s still freezing outside (even in Texas) and I think we’re all still craving some warm, comforting foods to distract ourselves from the blistering discomfort of all things outside-the-bed. A nice, hot bowl of oatmeal really fits the bill due to its simplicity and nutrient value. Oatmeal is a staple in the standard bodybuilder diet, and requires very little cooking ability. It is a high quality carbohydrate with fiber and a low glycemic impact, and requires only some water and a pot. But plain oats aren’t going to get me out of bed when the house is 45 degrees, no matter how warm or healthy they may be. Sure you can throw some protein powder in the oatmeal, or add some chopped nuts or berries. Those would be very healthy choices. But this recipe for dark chocolate orange oatmeal is healthy AND tastes like a real cheat!  (more…)

Easy Cranberry Gummy Hearts

gummies1Valentine’s Day is around the corner and America will spend around $2 billion on chocolate this week alone! Now, I could probably eat at least half a billion dollars worth of chocolate all by myself, which is exactly why I won’t be buying any. (Portion control is an art I have not completely mastered). My Valentine’s Day plans this year are a little untraditional, including Mediterranean food and a heavy metal concert. Chocolates are not on the agenda, but who doesn’t want something a little sweet on Valentine’s Day? These cranberry gummy hearts only have three ingredients and satisfy that sweet craving perfectly without causing a sugar coma. (more…)