Monthly Archive: April 2015

Mini Protein Pumpkin Pies


This is another Quest bar recipe, so any Quest haters out there (do you exist?) please turn back now. I realize this is the second Quest bar post in a row, and not only that, but specifically the Cinnamon Roll Quest bar. But this one is a real winner and I’m not sorry one bit to be using a “processed-food” when the macros and taste are so incredible. These four mini pumpkin pies contain over 25 grams of protein and only 1 gram of sugar from the Quest bar, and taste like real pumpkin pie! (more…)

Cinnamon Quest Bar Granola


I never met a granola I didn’t like. Granola is one of those foods that I could eat every day for the rest of my life and never get bored. Homemade granola, store bought granola, stale granola, doesn’t matter. They’re all so. delicious. My favorite recipe for granola is from an old Food Network Magazine, and I give¬†batches of it¬†away in pretty jars for every holiday. Everybody loves it, but nobody knows that for every batch I make, only about 40% makes it into gift jars. The rest goes straight from the pan into my mouth as a “taste test”. I can’t even handle myself, it’s a real problem. I think it’s because of the simple fact that I never ever buy or make granola for myself anymore. There are absolutely zero options available on the shelf that pass the “clean eating” test. (more…)

Easy Fresh Tomato Soup

soup1Has everyone else been as busy as me lately!? The last two weeks have been jam packed full of events and get-togethers leaving me very little time for blogging, cleaning my house, running errands, or remembering to feed the dog (only once!). Yesterday in particular was Easter, and I invited my family over for an elaborate holiday themed dinner. I started cooking at 9:30am, planning to be done around 3, leaving me a couple hours to clean the house and get dressed. Well that didn’t go well! I was still cooking at 5:50pm when everyone showed up (early!) and I hadn’t so much as brushed my teeth. (more…)