Monthly Archive: May 2015

Full Body Stability Ball Workout

Kick2_2Most people prefer the gym over a home workout because of the variety of exercises available, from the squat rack, to the dumbbells, and all those machines in between. ┬áBut what if you can’t make it to the gym, can’t afford a membership, can’t find a babysitter, or have another reason why the gym isn’t an option? Some lucky folks (like me) can dedicate a room in the house (or garage) to home gym equipment. But that is not required! You can get a great workout at home with very minimal equipment (or none at all!) I’ve made posts showing you how to get an upper body workout and a core workout using just a suspension trainer, which takes up very little space. Today I want to show you how you can get a full upper and lower body workout using only a stability ball, which is inexpensive and can be deflated if necessary for easy storage. (more…)