About Me

Hi there! I’m Lauren, and I live in the beautiful state of Texas.


This is my “before and after” shot, showing my original state of “skinny-fat” back in 2008, vs several years of weightlifting and clean eating, in 2014.

2008 2015

Fitness started as a hobby, and I felt pretty inadequate at it for a long time. I was lifting weights but not correctly. My nutrition was a mess. (Three cookies for $1 at Subway? Hey I worked out, I deserve it!) I kept eating my normal college diet plus lots of protein shakes which ended up causing me to gain more fat than muscle. I dedicated the next few years to learning all that I could about healthy eating, muscle building, heart health, fat loss, and overall well-being. I’ve tried pretty much everything and know what works best for me now. And I’m excited to share my workout ideas, tips, and healthy recipes with you!

I have a full time desk job, a house to tend to, and four crazy furballs, so I know what it’s like to have a full plate and little time to yourself. I hope that my healthy recipes might inspire your brown bag lunches, and my workouts might give you the energy boost that they give me! I have an endless arsenal of gym-based workouts, bodyweight workouts, TRX, cardio, plyo, yoga, etc etc plus foam rolling and softball therapy. I also hope to help those desk jockeys like myself who are chained to a chair with eyes glued on a computer screen all day long. There are options to help you cope!

I consider fitness and wellbeing to be my full-time hobby, but it’s really a passion, a lifestyle, and one of the best decisions anyone can make for themselves. So let’s talk about it! Contact me any time.


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