Full Body Stability Ball Workout

Kick2_2Most people prefer the gym over a home workout because of the variety of exercises available, from the squat rack, to the dumbbells, and all those machines in between.  But what if you can’t make it to the gym, can’t afford a membership, can’t find a babysitter, or have another reason why the gym isn’t an option? Some lucky folks (like me) can dedicate a room in the house (or garage) to home gym equipment. But that is not required! You can get a great workout at home with very minimal equipment (or none at all!) I’ve made posts showing you how to get an upper body workout and a core workout using just a suspension trainer, which takes up very little space. Today I want to show you how you can get a full upper and lower body workout using only a stability ball, which is inexpensive and can be deflated if necessary for easy storage. (more…)

Suspension Training 101: Core Exercises

Core5In my previous article about suspension training, I explained why a suspension training system (like a TRX or a Lifeline Jungle Gym) is the perfect solution to at-home strength training with minimal equipment or space required. Your own body weight provides the resistance to improve your strength, power, core stability, and balance. Switching exercises also takes just moments with a quick change of hand or foot position. This 6-exercise core workout can be done in 10 minutes and makes a great add-on to a weight, suspension, or cardio workout. Refer to my last post or a youtube tutorial to set up your suspension straps for the first time. (more…)

Suspension Training 101: Upper Body

TRX titleSuspension training is a relatively new exercise trend that has gained a fast following and for good reason. A suspension training system can provide a total full-body workout anywhere, anytime. The straps are portable and adaptable to any setting, including hotels, parks, gyms, or your home. Any body part can be worked at any level of difficulty with a quick re-position. What’s not to love? (more…)

7 Yoga Poses for Desk Workers


arms1Working behind a desk isn’t a glamorous life. It can be dull and repetitive, and the printer jams no less than 17 times per day. It’s like The Office, but less funny and more mind-numbingly boring. But if it weren’t for desk workers like myself and the other several million of us, nothing would get done! Boring office work is where everything starts, usually as an email or a stack of papers in a file cabinet. We work tirelessly behind the scenes, the unsung heroes who plan infrastructure, edit textbooks, create digital media, file taxes, or provide customer service. The number of desk jobs in America is staggering, and there is one major drawback to go along with each and every one of them.

Millions of Americans are sitting all day, every single day on their sad, flat butts, letting their backs, wrists, and retinas suffer the consequences. The human body was not meant to sit for 8 to 10 hours a day in front of a computer. Add in the time you sit in the car, sit at the dinner table, and sit in front of the TV, and the average American is lucky to be mobile for even 2 to 3 hours a day! (more…)

Basic Shoulder Workout


Shoulder day is, by far, my favorite day. Your delts have a lot of growth potential, and strong, rounded shoulders are evidence of one’s commitment to training. Women do not get large muscle gains in their shoulders by accident. It takes focused training and proper nutrition, along with patience. Light weights are necessary at first until your strength builds.

Your deltoid is a three-headed muscle group, and all parts must be worked in order to have balanced, round shoulders.This workout is very basic, and can be done in the gym or at home with dumbbells. (more…)

100 More Pushups! #2


pushhHave you already mastered the 100 Push-Up Workout #1? Try this one out which slightly modifies the push-ups you already know and love. I kept the same cardio moves because these are great for working the shoulders, unlike most traditional cardio exercises. Take a break at any time but remember to stay off your knees! If you can only complete 5 reps, take a rest until you can complete the other 5 reps off your knees.


100 Pushup Workout #1


Pushup final1-8

I love push-ups and if you don’t currently, you WILL love push-ups soon! Feeling your strength improve over time is so gratifying, and push-ups are one area where the progress can be rapid and impressive. Practicing several different types of push-ups can strengthen multiple parts of the arms, shoulders, and chest. This short workout is a good introduction, and should be incorporated into your upper body workout once a week to see some real improvement in your push-up game.