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A Sample Day of Clean Eating

Clean eating is the best thing you can do for your body. It is more important than exercise! Your body is your closest ally, and feeding it well is an investment. Different people may define “clean” eating differently, but the main idea is to eat as close to nature as possible. No packaged, processed foods, no scary lab creations (Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce, anyone?), no added sugars or hydrogenated oils.

I’ve been experimenting with clean cooking for many years and have managed to keep it interesting, but there are always staples I can fall back on if I’m feeling kitchen-lazy.

I prep all my labor-intensive foods for the week on Sundays. Protein shakes and quick breakfasts can be thrown together in the early morning. It all depends on your schedule. This is a sample menu of a normal work-day for me.


100 Pushup Workout #1


Pushup final1-8

I love push-ups and if you don’t currently, you WILL love push-ups soon! Feeling your strength improve over time is so gratifying, and push-ups are one area where the progress can be rapid and impressive. Practicing several different types of push-ups can strengthen multiple parts of the arms, shoulders, and chest. This short workout is a good introduction, and should be incorporated into your upper body workout once a week to see some real improvement in your push-up game.


Killing the Cravings Once and For All

Despite your best intentions, some nights you hear the rocky road ice cream calling your name from the kitchen. Or those Cheetos sitting on the table from where you left them yesterday.. There’s hardly enough left in the bag to justify putting it back in the pantry…maybe you should just finish them. Cravings can be your biggest enemy, fighting you every step of the way. So your commitment to healthy eating has to be a lifestyle decision, not a “diet” or a phase in your life. The only way to maintain your progress is to continue with the healthy habits that got you there. In order to really stop experiencing intense junk food cravings, you have to make the decision to completely cut out the foods that are destroying your progress once and for all.


Parting is such sweet sorrow


Baked Tilapia with Carrot & Lemon Rice


So… this is my first recipe post! I’m really excited to start sharing the recipes I’ve come up with over the years. There are lots of healthy foods that I make on frequent rotation because they’re so easy and delicious, and I’ll be posting them alongside my workouts and nutrition posts. (I’m hoping to improve my photography skills also!)

I’d like to share at least one nutritional benefit of each meal before the recipe, because I believe you should be proud of what you put on your plate. You should eat each bite knowing what it will do FOR you, not TO you (or your thighs). Food is a necessity, so make the best of your choices! There are so many options for delicious and nutritious meals. It’s time to toss the junk and embrace natural flavors.

A 4oz tilapia fillet has about 150 calories and 28g of protein. It is high in vitamin B-12 and potassium, and is a good source of Omega 3s. However, be sure to get wild fish whenever possible. Farmed fish is significantly lower in Omega 3s due to the non-organic soy and corn the fish are fed. (Wild is better than farmed in almost every animal protein source for this reason and many more)

This is a simple recipe for perfect baked tilapia with some flavorful rice, suited for a post-workout meal. Omit the rice and add broccoli for an easy low-carb dinner.

Clean Eating & Whole Foods

So everybody knows that we should be eating “clean”. But what does that really mean? We have all heard the clichés about “abs being made in the kitchen” and “it’s10% exercise, 10% genetics, and 80% nutrition” for weight loss. And while we know that Pop-Tarts shouldn’t be on the clean-foods list, what about granola? What about protein bars or sugar-free jelly? Would you include zero-calorie Splenda on a “clean-foods” list? The definition of “clean” can be subjective and confusing, which explains why so many people don’t lose weight when they truly believe they have made good choices.

Summer fruit salad ingredients, strawberry, blackberry, cherryTosca Reno, the “Eat-Clean Queen” and author of The Eat Clean Diet defines clean food as “whole, nutrient dense food”. She’s exactly right. I’d like to focus on the word “whole” instead of “clean” because it has an actual definition. (more…)

Making Changes for Optimal Health

Your health is plain-and-simple the most important thing that you possess.

Author Thomas Fuller has many great quotes applicable to this subject. My favorites are: “Health is not valued till sickness comes”, and “Vows made in storms are forgotten in the calm”. Does this ring true for you?

Maybe you overindulged in dinner and dessert the last time you ate out, and you said to yourself “Oh my gosh I’m stuffed, this feels terrible, tomorrow I’m only eating vegetables!”. And then the next day you ate a burrito from Chipotle and said the same thing again? Or maybe you went out, had a few too many drinks, and the next morning had the worst headache of your life. I’m sure you said to yourself “I feel awful, no more tequila for me!”, until next weekend. It’s easy to say you’ll make better decisions while you’re still suffering the effects of your last health blunder. But the thing is, you are always suffering the effects of poor health choices, even when you don’t feel it so obviously.