Suspension Training 101: Core Exercises

Core5In my previous article about suspension training, I explained why a suspension training system (like a TRX or a Lifeline Jungle Gym) is the perfect solution to at-home strength training with minimal equipment or space required. Your own body weight provides the resistance to improve your strength, power, core stability, and balance. Switching exercises also takes just moments with a quick change of hand or foot position. This 6-exercise core workout can be done in 10 minutes and makes a great add-on to a weight, suspension, or cardio workout. Refer to my last post or a youtube tutorial to set up your suspension straps for the first time.


Basic Plank

Place your feet into the handles and get into a neutral-spine plank position, feet close to the wall or directly under the anchor point. You will immediately feel the tension in your abs. Hold this position for as long as you can.


Suspended Crunch

Starting in basic plank position, slowly bring your knees in toward your chest, and return. Keeping a tight core and good form will maximize the effect of this move.


Mountain Climber

Starting in basic plank position, slowly bring one knee forward, then the other, alternating like a traditional mountain climber. Keep the abs tight, it’s not about speed.



Suspended Pike

Starting in basic plank position, keep your knees straight and bring your feet forward. Your butt will lift into the air and you should end with the top of your head pointing straight down at the floor. Return to start and repeat.



Pendulum Swing

Starting in basic plank position and keeping your feet together throughout the move, swing your legs to the right, then to the left, and repeat. Your spine should stay in a straight line throughout.


“Superman” (Ab Rollout)

Begin standing facing away from the anchor point at an angle. Holding the handles in front, keep arms straight and slowly bring your hands up. This is mimicking an ab roller, you will feel it in your abs the whole time. Slowly return to start and repeat. Adjust your feet position to make the move easier or harder.


Run through the whole set at least once, and if you think you can do another with good form, repeat it! These are much more challenging than they look but you will get stronger every time. I hope you ab-solutely love this workout 😉


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